Notify Bob Lawrence, Show Secretary of your entries by Friday 20th April 2018

RULES: All classes are open to any member of any allotment or gardening society.  No prize money except class 13.

Donations of food and raffle prizes would be welcome.

Entry fee £1 per exhibitor, to include refreshments.

Exhibits to be staged between 8.30 am to 10.30 am.

Judging at 11.00 am

Daffodil Single Bloom or Stem

DAFFODIL SOCIETY ARTWORK to the exhibitor gaining the most points for Classes 1 to 9.

1.            Specimen bloom trumpet (Division 1)
2.            Specimen bloom large cup (Division 2)

3.            Specimen bloom small cup (Division 3)

4.            Specimen bloom double (Division 4)

5.            Specimen bloom Triandrus or bloom Cyclamineus (Division 5 or 6)

6.            Specimen bloom Jonquilla or Tazetta/Poetaz (Division 7 or 8)

7.            Specimen bloom Pink variety

8.            Specimen bloom/stem Split Corona (Division 11)

9.            Specimen bloom Society Bulb purchased from AHS

Daffodil Collections

10.          3 vases, 3 blooms per vase, each vase one distinct variety from at least 2 divisions - Winner
                to be awarded THE THANET SALVER

11.          5 specimen blooms/stems.  5 distinct varieties.  Test tubes provided.

12.          Vase of 3 blooms/stems.  One variety from any division.

13.          Vase of mixed daffodils/narcissi.  Class in memory of Neil Lawrence.

                Sponsored by Pete & Jean Sudell.  Prize money – 1st £3   2nd £2  3rd £1.  Winner will receive
                the PRESIDENT’S TROPHY


NORTON ASH TROPHY for best exhibit in Classes 14 to 19

14.          Specimen Tulip bloom

15.          Vase of 3 Tulips, one variety

16.          Vase of 3 Tulips, mixed varieties

Exhibits Grown in Pots

17.          A pot or container of flowering bulbs
18.          A foliage or ornamental pot plant

19.          A flowering pot plant (not bulbs)

Photography and Art

20.          Photograph of “A Church” (Maximum size 7” x 5”)
21.          A painting or drawing or mixed media – your choice

JEAN SUDELL TROPHY –  For the exhibitor with the most points in the Show

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