Not just a flower show...

It was so good to get the Shows back up and running again for the Autumn show on 25th September.  It was very well attended and was lovely to see a lot of old and new faces

 Letter from the Chairman

Welcome to Acol Horticultural Society's website.

Sadly due to Covid in 2020, the Society was unable to hold any shows and very few meetings and events.  As if Covid wasn't bad enough, we lost 4 very longstanding members of the Society in Norman, Millie, Mabel and Richard and they will all be very sadly missed.  Also another committee member, Adam, has moved away and he will also be very much missed for his contribution to the Society over many years.

We are hoping to start up again in 2021 with our shows and meetings and a full list of dates of meetings and speakers, events and shows are on this site. It is looking unlikely that anything will start until March at the earliest, but we will keep you updated.

During 2020 one of the upsides of everything has been more of a community feel about the village and it would be wonderful to have more Acol villagers take part in the Society events and shows this year.

The Society holds 3 shows during the year in the Village Hall and many social events that are open to members and non-members.

For those of you not familiar with the Acol Horticultural Society, it is not all just about flowers and vegetables, although obviously they play a big part, but you don’t need a big garden to have a go. Many things can be grown in pots or troughs. 

There are also many other aspects to our shows.  For those Bake-Off fans out there, why not put your skills to the test in our tent?  Also for the photographers and artists amongst us and all you clever creative people there are trophies to be won in the photography, art, floral art and handicraft sections. 

Not forgetting the younger members of the community there are handicraft trophies and cash prizes to be won and in 2017 for the children we started a new competition to see who could grow the longest runner bean.  This was followed in 2018 by the largest sunflower head for the Autumn show and in 2019 it was the heaviest onion.  For 2020 it was going to be a potato growing competition and potato bags and seed potatoes were provided, but sadly the show obviously did not take place.  The same competition will stand for 2021 and again the seed potatoes will be provided.  The competition is open to children aged 13 and under and prize money will be given to the first, second and third place.

As well as the shows we also have a number of social events during the year including a Valentine’s Day afternoon tea, a social lunch in August that we call Nosh and Natter, a gardener’s supper in the autumn, which is usually a Race Night, and a great Christmas social in December. We had a very enjoyable quiz night in 2019 and we were planning on holding this again last year, but again we were not able to go ahead with this.  We are hoping to be holding this again this year on Saturday 15th May 2021 in the Village Hall at 6.30 for 7.00 pm.  This will include a sausage & chips/cod bites and chips supper.  As we no longer have any other social hub in the village, these events are a great way to meet new people and make new friends and we always make everybody very welcome.

Membership for the year is £4 for individual membership and £7 for a couple. There are 10 monthly meetings during the year on the first Tuesday of the month, starting in February (although this year it may not start until April).  We have speakers on a range of different subjects and tea, coffee and biscuits at the meetings.  In 2019 we also had a coach trip to Hyde Hall in Essex in June and were planning on a visit to Kew Gardens in 2020.  Our meetings are free to members but if any non-members want to come along, then it's just £3 per meeting.  

We have an annual schedule for show entries, so have a look through the schedule and you will see all the information on how to enter the shows (many classes are also open to non-members).  Schedules are available on this site at the beginning of the year and printed copies can be picked up at our meetings or call the Show Secretary for a copy.

Having had a very successful first 53 years, and we are very proud to say we still have some of the original founding members, we are always keen to welcome new members to our Society. So please come and join us as we continue into our second half century and looking forward to the future.

We also have our own Facebook Page at with regular updates on what is happening in the Society.

Stephen Ling - Chairman

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